Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Some top destinations

1. CAPRI in Italy
2. BOGOR in Indonesia
3.FES in Morocco
4. GIRNE in Turkish Cyprus
5. BOMBAY in India
7. RIO DE JANEIRO in Brazil
8. VENICE in Italy
9. TOLON in Greece
10. TIREE in Scotland.

These are not in any order and are subject to change!


The dishy little island of Capri has spectacular walks, pink villas and bougainvillea. It is a comfortable place that attracts some of the top people. From Capri, a ferry will take you to the mainland where you can visit ghostly Pompeii with its dead Romans, naughty Naples waiting for its next earthquake or volcanic eruption, lovely Ravello with its gardens and villas and so on. There are boats and trains and buses to whisk you to most places. The wine and pasta are great and the people often beautiful (although Torre del Greco...)


It's some kind of heaven for walkers who like to tramp through heavenly villages and meet heavenly people...fields of tapioca, buffalo, mangoes and bananas, the aroma of burning wood, a volcano... an unspoilt Bali. (Indonesia has recently been somewhat unstable. Avoid buses and local airlines; choose your taxi company carefully; remember that people get murdered on some trains here; avoid mobs)


This is a mysterious medieval world. Men in turbans, women on donkeys, palaces and mosques, twisting little streets, and a feeling you're being followed. It's safe as there hasn't been a massacre of Europeans for some years now.


Some people say there has been too much new building work around Girne, also known as Kyrenia. But I remember the giant wild flowers, the pretty harbour, the castle, the mountains, and the friendly people. I remember thinking that this was the most beautiful place I'd seen since the Amalfi coast. The Greeks once threatened harm to any aircraft flying in to Turkish Cyprus but never carried out their threat. You can only fly in via Turkey. (Britain has no extradition treaty with Turkish Cyprus so it could be useful place to have on your list).


It's the most foreign place I know. I can picture the women in the cages, the children whose limbs had been twisted by their owners, the monsoon floods up to one's knees, the rows of people defecating at the side of the road, the giant flying cockroaches...Read BEACH BOY by Ardashir Vakil before you go. (Bombay occasionaly has deadly riots. Stay in your hotel if the killing begins)


There are few tourists in this lovely Caribbean country of gingerbread houses and voodoo. It's a mixture of France and Africa and will appeal to any reader of Graham Greene.


It's said to be the world's most beautiful city. Think of Corcovado with the statue of Christ, Sugar Loaf mountain, Copacabana, Barry Manilow....(Rio is dangerous. Take a body guard)


You can see the home of Arsenal, the home of the ghetto and all these theatrical palaces and dreamy spires. Apart from Venice itself, you can take a boat to wildly colourful Burano, and a boat and a bus to the fascinating fishing stllements of Pellestrina and Malamocco and Chioggia.(Venice is expensive)


Tolon is typical unspoilt (relatively) Greece. Beaches and coves and clear blue water.

WHY TIREE? Bonny Scottish scenery and lots of sunshine!



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