Friday, July 14, 2006


Avoid Emirates airline

This year we have had 4 flights with Emirates.

We would advise avoiding this uncomfortable and incompetent airline.


1. The check in staff seem inexperienced and uncaring. There were numerous complaints from fellow passengers about their requests being ignored. If you ask for a corrider seat you will get a window seat. If you ask for a seat near the front, you will end up at the very back.

2. On two flights the cabin temperature was much too low and passengers had to wrap up in warm clothes. Complaints were ignored.

3. Where I was sitting, the entertainment equipment was not working on any of the flights.

4. On one flight my seat was broken.

5. At certain meal times there was no coffee or tea. The food was the worst we have ever tasted.

6. Dubai airport had long queues for everything, including toilets. There was a lack of seating. Many people were seated on floors.

7. We found Emirates very inferior to other airlines we have used.

Bad experience with Emirates airlines