Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Holiday Ideas

Art on the Côte d’Azur - Europe’s greatest concentration of classic modern art, in idyllic scenery. -

Sinai - "the ‘real’ Sinai, with its vast landscapes and its vivid colours, its high granite mountains, its volcanic outcrops and golden sand dunes, its acacia groves and hidden oases, its emptiness and solitude. We trace the history of this land and explore the events that led to the creation of the three great monotheistic religions of our world." -

Hotel de Charme - Sidi Bou Said - "One of the courtyards of this old Arab mansion is the swimming pool. The others are intimate spaces full of dappled light overlooked by lattice-shuttered rooms, each furnished differently. The atmosphere in this boutique hotel is not fussy but has an old-world feel about it. Carthage is five minutes’ ride away by local train and Tunis just thirty." Dar Saïd

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Picardie - Picardy

Picardy, in France, is a super place. But it seems to cater mainly for the motorist with a family, rather than the single tourist with no car.

Canvas holidays - tailored to suit you? With Canvas holidays you apparently need to (a) be a family or couple (no singles) (b) have a car.

Canvas holidays video.

"Canvas Holidays is a family camping holiday operator, providing mobile home holidays and self-drive camping in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, and Croatia. With complete flexibility on dates, duration and travel arrangements, your camping holiday is tailored to suit you."

This Picardy site (picardietourisme) may not be the best travel site in the world. We tried to book a holiday and the site did not seem to work: - come and see it for yourself soon.

Barge Holidays in France - Picardy

Monday, June 11, 2007


Where to travel?


More killed in Sri Lanka than in Afghanistan

US Plans New Travel Restrictions for Europeans

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) forecasts that international tourism will continue growing at the average annual rate of 4 %.[3] By 2020 Europe will remain the most popular destination, but its share will drop from 60 % in 1995 to 46 %. Long-haul will grow slightly faster than intraregional travel and by 2020 its share will increase from 18 % in 1995 to 24 %.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Not offering the customers what they want

The UK travel companies are not always offering the customers what they want - hence the rise of holidays researched and booked over the internet.

"Among the casualties of these developments have been two award-winning tour operators: Laskarina Holidays, which specialised in holidays to Greece, and Tapestry Holidays, a Turkey specialist, which both ceased trading last year... Last month TUI said it was teaming up with First Choice. Earlier, Thomas Cook announced plans to merge with MyTravel. " - Mediterranean holidays on offer for £5 Travel News Travel ... Package holidays for £5 as sales plummet

The UK travel industry has got into the habit of offering only what it wants to offer. For example, if you want to go to Italy, you may be told that they don't do Trani; if you want to go to Indonesia, you may be told that you can only go to Bali, or you can only go on a tour with a fairly fixed itinerary; in Malta you may be able to get a package holiday in Sliema, but not in Birzebuggia.

Audley Travel (Audley Travel - Tailor-made journeys for the discerning traveller) do not seem keen on clients who want to base themselves in one particular resort; they want you to go on a long tour; they seem to prefer clients who will stay in particular hotels known to them and follow particular routes known to them. They are not always too good at replying to e-mails.

Undiscovered Destinations ( will take you to Bangladesh Burma (Myanmar) East Timor Taiwan Angola Comoros Congo (DRC) Eritrea Gabon Mozambique São Tomé and Príncipe Sierra Leone Sudan Uganda Nicaragua Panama Oman or the Ukraine. Some of these trips involve travelling in a group to the places they want you to see. Most of these destinations are available as 'a private journey for individual travellers'. It is not clear how much flexibility is involved; will the travel company prefer clients to stay in particular hotels and follow particular routes?

Transindus ( India tours,China tours,Japan tours:tailor-made holidays ...) claims to offer tailor-made holidays in Asia. It is not clear how flexible they will be. They have not yet replied to our e-mail, sent almost two months ago. We suspect that if you want to go to Indonesia, you may have to do the Java and Bali tour.

Kuoni ( claim to offer tailormade holidays. But you have to travel to the resorts and cities that they want you to travel to.
If you want to travel to somewhere like Malaysia or Managua, where can you find a travel company that will arrange 1. a particular flight of your choice 2. a particular hotel of your choice and 3. a car and driver?