Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Holiday Ideas

Art on the Côte d’Azur - Europe’s greatest concentration of classic modern art, in idyllic scenery. -

Sinai - "the ‘real’ Sinai, with its vast landscapes and its vivid colours, its high granite mountains, its volcanic outcrops and golden sand dunes, its acacia groves and hidden oases, its emptiness and solitude. We trace the history of this land and explore the events that led to the creation of the three great monotheistic religions of our world." -

Hotel de Charme - Sidi Bou Said - "One of the courtyards of this old Arab mansion is the swimming pool. The others are intimate spaces full of dappled light overlooked by lattice-shuttered rooms, each furnished differently. The atmosphere in this boutique hotel is not fussy but has an old-world feel about it. Carthage is five minutes’ ride away by local train and Tunis just thirty." Dar Saïd

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