Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Picardie - Picardy

Picardy, in France, is a super place. But it seems to cater mainly for the motorist with a family, rather than the single tourist with no car.

Canvas holidays - tailored to suit you? With Canvas holidays you apparently need to (a) be a family or couple (no singles) (b) have a car.

Canvas holidays video.

"Canvas Holidays is a family camping holiday operator, providing mobile home holidays and self-drive camping in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, and Croatia. With complete flexibility on dates, duration and travel arrangements, your camping holiday is tailored to suit you."

This Picardy site (picardietourisme) may not be the best travel site in the world. We tried to book a holiday and the site did not seem to work: - come and see it for yourself soon.

Barge Holidays in France - Picardy


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