Saturday, August 18, 2007


Best times to travel?

1. The Mediterranean looks at its best in May, June, September and October. But, you may find the resorts too quiet and lacking in people at those times.

2. The Seychelles are best in April or May, in terms of price.

3. Peru is best in May if you want to avoid the crowds.

4. Mauritius is best in May, in terms of price.

5. Kenya is best in November, in terms of price.

6. The Caribbean is wettest from May to October. June, July and August means the start of the hurricane season. Hurricanes occur between June and November and are most frequent in the months of August and September.

7. The Maldives are best in April, or in the months from December to April.

8. Laos is best from November to April. September can be wet.

9. East Coast Malaysia is best between March and October.

10. The Philippines are best between February and May.
11. Hong Kong, from July to September, is hot and humid, with the added risk of typhoons moving up from the South China Sea.
12. India: the monsoon rains come to the south of India during late May or early June. It will reach the north about six weeks later.

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