Saturday, March 15, 2008


Air Asia

AirAsia flies 90 routes and to 47 destinations. (AirAsia wants to be synonymous with travel)

It has a fleet of 67 aircraft and has ordered 175 new aircraft in the hope of becoming as big as Ryanair.

In 2oo8, Ryanair will carry 52 million passengers on 645 low-fare routes across 26 European countries.

Ryanair has a fleet of 163 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft and has placed firm orders for 99 more new aircraft to be delivered over the next five years.

AirAsia links many Asian cities to Kuala Lumpur. Soon, it will be linking Europe, India and the Middle East to Malaysia.

Air Asia provides the linkage for many travellers from Singapore and via Singapore to Malaysia and Asia at low fares.