Thursday, April 10, 2008



You've got some holiday ideas, picked up from the internet.

Maybe Malawi. Perhaps Peru.

You want a long-haul holiday and you don't want the sort of package sold by mainstream travel companies.

Tailormade Destinations will arrange your trip to Senegal or Sri lanka or wherever.

According to Tailormade Destinations, "Unlike most travel companies when booking with us you are not restricted to simply what is offered in the brochure. In fact we do not even publish a brochure...

"Almost certainly one of our well-travelled team will have first hand knowledge of your chosen destination – after all we have been to more than 90 countries between us. And of course we have the experience and trade contacts to expertly put together a fantastic holiday. With Tailormade Destinations you can expect knowledgeable and frank advice, based largely on our own travels.

"Once you have given us an outline of what you would like to do, we will research your plans further, contact our overseas partners and get back to you within a few days. Without obligation you can expect to receive a highly professional, personalised itinerary and quotation, by email or post. Needless to say it will be far more accurate and relevant to your plans than any brochure...

"Unlike some of our competitors we are not working from expensive city centre locations. Our lower operational costs allow us to pass these savings onto our clients and give our overseas colleagues, particularly those in the Developing World a much fairer deal."



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