Sunday, January 25, 2009


MALTA - Good and Bad

Malta has some fine hotels.

Such as the Hilton Malta

The best ones are not cheap.

Expect prices of £150 per night.

Our favourite is Hotel Phoenicia.

"Built in grand colonial style this Luzury 5 star property stills retains and element of old-fashioned glamour albeit now a little faded at the edges!"

Adams, in Saint Julian's is a lot cheaper, at around £30 per night.

But, one review at Trip Advisor says:

"The walls are paper thin, the AC/heater blows right onto the bed and doesn't seem to be able to maintain a stable temperature, there are several noisy building sites surrounding the hotel and the hotel has no inviting rest area where one could sit and read a book. The hotel's layout and furnishing simply lacks any charm or warmth."

Malta has a lot of hotels which have been fairly heavily criticised.

You may be best to avoid some of these.

1. Fortina Spa -

"Rooms basic to say the least, public toilets constantly blocked and beware the offer to show you round hotel to get your bearing is really time share sellers. Constant building work nearby so every thing felt grubby and not able to sit on balcony to enjoy the sea view." - What a disappointment. Thank...

2. Palm Court Hotel Qawra -


3. The Plaza & Plaza Regency Hotels

“worst hotel I've ever stayed in”

Too many hotels in Malta are run down and poorly managed.

And Malta's reputation for friendliness seems to be disappearing.