Thursday, April 23, 2009


Northern Cyprus

It's always worth reading Trip Advisor.

Here's a view of Kyrenia, in Northern Cyprus.

"Sipping an Efe's in the bar of our hotel, wondering how we ended up here, our attention was drawn to the disgruntled murmurrings of our fellow, sullen travellers: 'I thought it was supposed to be unspoilt', 'I feel duped', 'My God, what would motivate somebody to buy a house here?' etc etc.

"The town of Kyrenia is dirty due to the huge amount of construction work going on. Groups of construction workers walk around looking for something to stave off the boredom, adding to the unsettling atmosphere.

"At one point, I'm sure this area was lovely but now unfortunately it is like a really ugly Essex suburb. It is expensive too. Prices are comparable to the U.K. There are no decent beaches. One is located next to the North's only power station (hence the frequent power cuts) and another (Turtle Beach) is littered with hyperdermic syringes."