Thursday, August 27, 2009



In the UK, Glasgow-based Cambuslang Travel, The Package Holiday Company, a Leeds-based travel agency, and Windsor and Neate, a Newbury-based company, have all reportedly ceased trading. - Three British travel firms collapse

Saturday, August 01, 2009



Hotel Les Roches Rouges in Corsica.

View from Hotel Les roches Rouges

"The hotel gives the appearance of an old tramp steamer whose owners are hoping to get one more voyage out of her before the scrapyard. The exterior is breaking up, the coloured facade not painted for ages and the paint fading and peeling. Looking at the balconies from below is frightening, seeing the cracking masonry and the rotting wood! The rooms are not "quaint"- they are uncomfortable and bare." (ON ITS LAST VOYAGE!)

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

The "Riviera’s glitziest, most outrageously expensive hotel." (Antibes)

"If you enjoy watching pretentious, pot-bellied men with their botoxed wifes, then this is the place for you. Management rude, hotel pool cramped and uncomfortable. Rooms unimpressive. Avoid." - (Miserable)

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The cost of the Royal Penthouse Suite is £21,287 per night.

"First upon check in my luggage sat in the lobby of the hotel after repeated attempts to get it delivered to me. My room was not clean and the amenities were missing. I needed to call and get shampoo for the room. To my horror the bottom of the bathtub was visibly dirty..." (Issues with the Wilson)