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Yangon, Burma, by Colegota

Imagine you go back to some famous town and find it has become too touristy and a trifle boring.

Even Venice, with its canals, Canalettos and carnival, can lose some of its appeal due to crowds

Travel writer Alain de Botton writes: "I am supposedly an educated person but I candidly admit that all the treasures of the Graeco-Roman galleries of the Louvre are less interesting than the idea of lunch at Café Marly in the east wing of the museum." (Canals, Canalettos, carnival - and crowds)


So, where might be better than Venice or the Louvre or lunch at Cafe Marly?

1. Burma (Should tourists return to Burma? - The Guardian)

2. Eritrea

3. West Java

In Bogor, there are many traffic free walks by the side of rivers and canals. (Bogor travel guide - Wikitravel)

One is reminded of Venice in earlier days.

One is likely to encounter colourful little houses and gardens, children flying kites, people bathing, vendors of snacks and spectacular views of Mount Salak.

On the edge of Bogor one can walk beside rice fields and fruit orchards and meet some of the friendliest people in the world.


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