Monday, November 29, 2010



Friendly Maltese.

One of our favourite hotels in the Mediterranean is the Seabreeze Hotel in Birzbbuga, in Malta.

"The SEABREEZE HOTEL is a family owned and managed hotel (founder Mr. Carmelo Cassar) which has built a reputation for personal attention and good value for money over the past twenty years of its operation." (About Us -

Last time we stayed here we enjoyed the 1960s decor, the Maltese cuisine, the clean comfortable rooms, the friendly service and the very reasonable prices.

Birzebbugia or Birzebbuga is about 20 minutes by bus from the capital Valetta.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010



According to Lonely Planet:

The Top 10 regions for travel in 2011

1) Sinai, Egypt

2) Istria, Croatia

3) Marquesas Islands, South Pacific

4) Cappadocia, Turkey

5) Westfjords, Iceland

6) Shetland Islands, Scotland

7) Great Barrier Reef, Australia

8) West Coast, USA

9) Chilean Patagonia, Chile

10) Gili Islands, Indonesia

Top 10 countries to visit

1) Albania

2) Brazil

3) Cape Verde, Atlantic Ocean

4) Panama

5) Bulgaria

6) Vanuatu

7) Italy

8) Tanzania

9) Syria

10) Japan

Top 10 cities to visit

1) New York

2) Tangier, Morocco

3) Tel Aviv, Israel

4) Wellington, NZ

5) Valencia, Spain

6) Iquitos, Peru

7) Ghent, Belgium

8) New Delhi, India

9) Newcastle, Australia

10) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Glasgow was ranked as one of the world's top comeback cities.

Edinburgh is spotlighted as an artistic destination.