Monday, October 08, 2012



Tourism in Egypt is pretty dead.

Occupancy rates are about 45 per cent for hotels in Cairo.

"It's still very, very quiet," said Magdi Bochra, who manages Elegant Voyage, a Cairo-based tourism company.

Mr Bochra said he was being forced to look for another job to make ends meet. "I have a lot of colleagues either leaving the industry or even leaving the country."

The industry employs about 12 per cent of Egypt's workforce, and is the largest source of foreign currency on average.

At the height of Egypt's tourism boom in 2010, the industry earned US$11.5 billion (Dh42.6bn), before crashing back down again in the proceeding years. 

The long road back for Egypt tourism - The National - 4 Oct 2012

Tharwat Agami, head of the chamber of tourist agencies in Luxor, home to the Valley of the Kings tombs in southern Egypt, reported up to one-quarter of tourist cancellations through October. 

His own company guided 17 American tourists last week, half of the group's expected number.

Prophet-film protests bite into Egypt tourism - The Seattle Times-29 Sep 2012


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