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Pelabuhan Ratu, Java.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, tourist numbers may reach 1 billion by December 2012.

Tourist numbers have grown 5 percent in emerging economies and 4 percent rise in advanced economies.

The only region with a decline in tourist numbers was the Middle East.

Spending on travel abroad rose 30 percent in China, by 22 percent in Poland, 15 percent in Russia, 16 percent in Argentina, 18 percent in Malaysia and 11 percent in India.

Italy and France showed a decline in spending on travel abroad.

Earnings from tourism grew 48 percent in Japan, 26 percent in Sweden, South Korea and South Africa and 17 percent in Hong Kong.

In 2011, total earnings from international tourism receipts reached $1.2 trillion or 6 percent of the world's exports.

Global tourist arrivals close in on 1 billion - UN


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